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Brule County CourthouseCourthouse
300 S Courtland Street
Chamberlain, SD 57325
population: 5,255
figures are from 2010 census
county seat: Chamberlain, SD

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WHEREAS, the Commissioners of Brule County are charged with protecting the health and safety of the citizens of Brule County, including all property situated therein; and

WHEREAS, South Dakota Codified Law (SDCL) 7-8-20 (18) authorizes the County Commission to prohibit or restrict open burning, after consultation with local fire officials and law enforcement officials, in order to protect the public health and safety; and

WHEREAS,  the Emergency Manager of Brule/Buffalo County has consulted with local fire officials and law enforcement officials concerning the threat of wildfire from open burning under certain climatic conditions; and

WHEREAS, the Commissioners of Brule County have determined that in the interest of public health and safety, it is prudent to prohibit open burning (open fire) when climatic conditions indicate the threat of wildfire in Brule County; and

WHEREAS, the Commissioner of Brule County, pursuant to SDCL 7-18-8A-8, hereby deem it necessary for the immediate preservation of the public health and safety to adopt the restrictions set forth in this Ordinance and it is the intent of the Brule County Commissioners that the provisions of this Ordinance shall take effect immediately upon passage by the Board.


1)      No person may ignite campfires

2)      No person may ignite warning fires

3)      No person may ignite fireworks not supervised or approved by Fire Department

4)      No person may burn fence rows, fields, wild lands, trash or debris


This ban does not apply to those designated areas falling within the boundaries of any permitted commercial, state, or federal campground that has permanent fire pits or fire grates located in supervised picnic grounds and campgrounds; fires contained in liquid fueled or gas fueled stoves, fireplaces within buildings, grills at private residences; fire operations by trained fire professionals.


This ban shall not apply to the burning of household and yard waste, providing such burning is done so safely.  It shall be deemed negligent if such fire escapes the original site of the fire and be punishable pursuant to SDCL 34-35-9.


When weather or other conditions exist which may make open burning unduly hazardous, the Brule County Board of Commissioners may prohibit or restrict open burning in order to protect the public health and safety.  The Board of Commissioners shall act by resolution declaring fire emergency and prohibit burning within Brule County until such time as the resolution declaring the emergency has been rescinded or amended.  Notice of the adoption of such resolution shall be given by posting in the Courthouse and by publication in the designated legal newspapers.



The penalty for each violation of this ordinance shall be a fine of $500.00 or 30 days in jail or both. 

Any violator of this ordinance is subject to the suppression costs of extinguishing the fire, including response fees, mutual aid assistance from other agencies or fire departments, reimbursement to governments for suppression efforts and compensation to the firefighters for time lost from their employment.


Dated this 21st day of April, 2015.




Brad Carson, Chairperson






Pamela Petrak, Auditor







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