October 1, 2019

The Board of Brule County Commissioners met in regular session at 9:30 a.m. at the Brule County Courthouse. Members present: Nesladek, Mairose, Rasmussen, Dozark and Carson. Also present: Janet Petrak, Central Dakota Times, Rita Pick, Chamberlain Oacoma Sun and Deputy States Attorney David Larson.


Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Mairose seconded to approve the September 19, 2019 minutes. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


Commissioner Rasmussen moved and Commissioner Dozark seconded to enter Board of Adjustment regarding a hearing for Eric Kroupa for a conditional use permit to repair farm equipment, light manufacturing, updating equipment to new technology. Planning & Zoning Administrator Clint Soulek advised that the Planning & Zoning board recommended approval with one condition: that all spare parts etc. are removed from premises. Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Rasmussen seconded to approve the conditional use permit to Eric Kroupa. All members voted aye. Hearing over at 10:05 am.


Present during the five-year plan presentation: Pete, Grant and Garrett Christensen; John Carsten; Todd Reinesch; Don Stadler; Katheryn Benton.

Mike Schlaffman, Highway Superintendent and Jennifer Konechne, Highway Secretary presented the five-year plan to the Board, listing the upcoming road projects, estimated cost and projected revenue to complete the projects. The five-year plan is also submitted to the State to comply with regulations for application to State for assistance in Bridge Improvements. A brief question and answer period followed the presentation of the five-year plan with the public that was present. Discussion was also held on the status with FEMA. Katheryn Benton, Emergency Manager advised that she and the entities involved are still working on the first disaster declaration for the dates in March and April of 2019 with the rapid snow melt and excessive rainfall on frozen ground. The second disaster declaration was just declared by President Trump for May – June, 2019.


Commissioner Dozark moved and Commissioner Rasmussen seconded to automatically supplement the Highway revenue budget $37,067.21, a grant from SD DOT Special Bridge Funding. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


Commissioner Mairose moved and Commissioner Carson seconded to approve the hiring of Summer Estes effective 9-24-19 at $14.08 (.50 less during probationary period) as a Jailer; to approve the increase of .50 ($14.08) to Nicole Hirsch, Jailer, effective 10-12-19 as she has passed her probationary period satisfactorily; and an increase of .50 ($14.58) to Lesley Burfeindt, Administrative Assistant at Sheriff’s Office, effective 10-16-19 as she has passed her probationary period satisfactorily. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


The Lake Francis Case Development Corporation asked Brule County to become a member of the economic development corporation. Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Rasmussen seconded to become a pay the $200.00 membership (Bronze Membership). Carson, Rasmussen, Dozark, Nesladek voted aye. Mairose voted nay. Motion carried.


Highway Superintendent Mike Schlaffman presented two different trucks that he would like to purchase from Vander Haags in Sioux Falls to replace the truck that was wrecked earlier this year. Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Mairose seconded to purchase a 2003 Sterling truck with wing for $44,975.00. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


Dava Wermers, Attorney from Mitchell and Ashley Anson, Attorney from Wessington Springs presented a proposal to Brule County to start a Public Defender Contract with Brule County. Wermers advised that she, Ashley Anson and Pamela Hein from Lake Andes currently take Court Appointed Attorney appointments along with Steve Smith and Gina Ruggieri. Gina Ruggieri recently took a position with the Sisseton Tribe and Steve Smith was not interested in joining the Public Defender Contract. The proposal was to pay the 3 attorneys (Dava Wermers, Ashley Anson and Pamela Hein) $55,000 each firm with a three year contract with no increase for that contract period. All cases that are a Class 3 Felony on down would be handled by the Public Defenders. Any Class 1 or 2 Felony cases would be paid outside of the contract. No decision was made at this time.


Commissioner Mairose moved and Commissioner Carson seconded to surplus old culverts to be sold at scrap iron price. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


Commissioner Dozark moved and Commissioner Rasmussen seconded to enter executive session at 11:35 am to discuss legal issues. Executive session declared over at 12:12 am, no action taken.


The following reports were received and placed on file in the County Auditor’s office: Second SD Disaster Declaration from President Trump, FEMA Meeting 10-28-19 9:00 am Courthouse; Midwest Assistance Program Newsletter.


Commissioner Rasmussen moved and Commissioner Dozark seconded to approve the following payroll and claims. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


Salaries Commissioners, 1521.80; Auditor, 2913.86; Treasurer, 3118.67; States Attorney, 2907.38; Assessor, 3263.00; Planning Commission, 187.69; Register of Deeds, 2884.23; Veteran Service Officer, 485.66; Sheriff, 8781.55; Jail, 6275.68; Courthouse, 1237.60, Extension, 393.07. FICA & Medicare: First Dakota Bank, 2736.09. Retirement: SDRS, 1878.38. Insurance Reimbursement: 2930.29. Insurance: Lifestyle Health Insurance, 1459.18. Alexander, Laura, 148.00; Anson, Ashley, 983.25; Archambeau, Larry 50.84; Benton, Mark, 50.84; Bomgaars Supply, 99.79; Brodkorb, Gary, 41.92; Brown, Brett, 52.52; Carsten, John, 39.40; Curry, Dustin, 10.84; Chamberlain Wholesale, 163.30; Dakota Heating & Air Conditioning, 1321.46; Dalldorf, Karisa, 142.00; Davison County, 95.00; Deffenbaugh, Dawnette, 30.16; Department of Transportation, 66.65; Donovan, Mindy, 50.84; Dozark, Gary, 273.00; Geerdes, Charlotte, 54.20; Goehring, Nicholas, 54.20; Haubrick, Sara, 50.84; Hartman, Steve, 55.88; Healy, Brandy, 55.88; Hieb, Dan, 10.84; Howe, Dale, 65.12; Konechne, Monica, 75.20; Leiferman, Todd, 31.00; Mairose, Greg, 424.20; Miller, Darrell, 5148.00; Mitchell Regional 911 Center, 2239.48; National 4H Council, 189.80; Nelson, Adam, 50.84; Northwestern, 3121.86; Odens, Alice, 101.68; Odens, Melissa, 1048.80; Office Products Center, 72.98; Pazour, Reta, 29.32; Pennington County Jail, 290.80; Peterson, Stephanie, 101.68; Ramkota Hotel – Pierre, 415.96; Randall, Roger, 20.08; Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, 44.56; Reliance Telephone, 700.00; Reuer, Donald, 10.84; Rogers, Dori, 10.84; Ruggieri, Gina, 2905.35; Saxton, Sheryl, 50.84; Schmiedt, Anastasia, 16.72; Shields Embroidery & Design, 157.87; Simonson, Scott, 50.84; Sinclair, Kraig, 150.40; SDSU Animal Science, 25.00; SDSU Extension, 125.00; Starr Enterprises Inc, 9438.80; Swanson, Colleen, 60.08; Swanson, James, 17.56; Tech Solutions, 43.75; United Laboratories, 792.86; Verizon Wireless, 70.88; Weins, Jodi, 79.40; Willrodt, Michelle, 10.84; Winner Health Mart Pharmacy, 63.68; Zeman, Brian, 33.52.


Salaries: 9869.77. FICA & Medicare: First Dakota Bank, 775.41. Retirement: SDRS, 592.20. Insurance Reimbursement: 266.39. Insurance: 3708.90. Bomgaars Supply, 85.95; Brooks Hardware, 147.00; Kaleb’s Service, 121.50; Lyle Signs, 1138.10; Office Products Center, 68.49; RDO Equipment Company, 2905.92.


Mitchell Regional 911 Center, 14,331.84; Two – Way Solutions Inc, 186.38.

24/7 FUND

Salaries: 418.11. FICA & Medicare: First Dakota Bank, 31.99. Retirement: SDRS, 31.18.


Salaries: 555.80. FICA & Medicare: First Dakota Bank, 62.90. Retirement: SDRS, 33.35. Insurance Reimbursement: 266.39. Buffalo County Treasurer, 3024.56; Ramkota Hotel – Pierre, 308.00; Variety Plus, 259.96.


Commissioner Rasmussen moved and Commissioner Mairose seconded to adjourn at 12:13 pm with the next meeting being held on 10-15-2019 at 9:30 am. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


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