June 19, 2018

The Board of Brule County Commissioners met in regular session at 9:30 a.m. at the Brule County Courthouse. Members present: Carson, Nesladek, Reinesch and Rasmussen. Absent - Dozark,. Also present: Deputy States Attorney David Larson, Janet Petrak, Central Dakota Times, Brook DeHaai, Chamberlain Oacoma Sun.



Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Reinesch seconded to approve the June 7, 2018 minutes. All members voted aye. Motion carried.



At 10:00 am the Brule County Commissioners entered the Board of Adjustment to hold a hearing for Foundation Farms RE, LLC (Greg Kroupa) and Pipestone Systems (Barry Kerkaert, 324 S Splitrock Blvd, Suite 205, Brandon, SD 57005) for a Swine Production Facility in SW ¼ Section 23 T 105 N, R 67 W (Plummer Township) in Brule County, SD. Roll call of Board of Adjustment members: Gary Dozark – absent, James Nesladek – present, Brad Carson – present, Donald Reinesch – present, Rich Rasmussen – present. Also present were Planning & Zoning Administrator Clint Soulek, Auditor Petrak, Deputy States torney David Larson, Brooke DeHaai, Chamberlain Oacoma Sun, Janet Petrak, Central Dakota Times and approximately 50 people both in support and opposing the facility.

Members attending the meeting were required to sign in (list on file in the Auditor’s Office) and those that wished to speak at the hearing also signed in and were allowed 5 minutes to speak at the hearing. The hearing was recorded, both video and audio along with written notes. Exhibits were entered as they were presented to the Board of Adjustment.

Proponets spoke first, then opponents spoke, with a question and answer period following the public input portion of the hearing.

Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Reinesch seconded to table a decision on this until all of the exhibits presented at hearing can be reviewed, and an odor footprint can be presented to the Board of Adjustment done by an Independent consultant. All members voted aye. Motion carried.



Toby Morris was scheduled to meet with the Commissioners regarding an update of the conditions to be met to consider a conditional use permit for the rail storage area at Iron Horse Development, however, due to the length of the Conditional Use Hearing for Foundation Farms RE, LLC he was unable to stay. Emergency Manager Katheryn Benton reported the current status: the Hazardous Material Awareness Plan has been presented and is satisfactory. One round of training has been paid for and held for emergency personnel and additional training is scheduled in the near future.

Benton advised that the equipment is not all in place yet, but they are working on acquiring it.

Benton presented a sketch of the proposed rail fence to be considered at the storage yard.

Benton advised that there are 178 cars currently at the rail site, classified as empty. There are three classifications of cars: full, empty (which can still contain up to 10% gas) and purged (empty plus have been cleaned out).

Alex and Richard Huff were in attendance for this portion of the meeting and wanted to advise the Board that Dakota Southern Railroad have several safety violations on the tract (244 between Mitchell and Kennebec) and a tax lien has been filed against SDR Holding, Michael Williams, Railroad Materials Salvage and Tammy Jo Williams for not paying sales tax.

No action was taken at this time.



Commissioner Reinesch moved and Commissioner Carson seconded to approve Director of Equalization Clint Soulek and Beth Penrod, Deputy Director to attend the annual Assessor school in Spearfish, September 17 – 21, 2018. All members voted aye. Motion carried.

Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Nesladek seconded to approve the Treasurer Doreen Priebe to attend a task force meeting to rewrite the tax deed manual in Miller, July 11 & 12, 2018. All members voted aye. Motion carried.



Deputy States Attorney David Larson asked the Commissioners to appoint Michael Moore, Beadle County States Attorney to assist Brule County with the recent homicide. Moore has agreed to assist for no compensation. Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Reinesch seconded to appoint Michael Moore as deputy States Attorney to assist with the homicide case. All members voted aye. Motion carried.



Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Reinesch seconded to approve two burials to Hickey Funeral Home, one at $3,979 (county rate for burial $2956, opening and closing $475, grave space $548) minus the grave liner; one at $2,956 (county rate for burial) and to approve one burial to Mount Funeral Home for a cremation $2,499. All members voted aye. Motion carried.



The following reports were received and placed on file in the County Auditor’s office: Emerge Publication, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, District III STIP Meeting Notice, News Article regarding Hog Confinement.



Commissioner Nesladek moved and Commissioner Carson seconded to approve the following payroll and claims. All members voted aye. Motion carried.



Salaries: Commissioners, 1521.80; Auditor, 2823.02; Treasurer, 3013.40; States Attorney, 2826.32; Assessor, 3435.91; Planning Commission, 323.91; Register of Deeds, 2979.69; Veteran Service Officer, 471.52; Sheriff, 8885.91; Jail, 7852.24; Courthouse, 1197.60, Extension, 323.64; Weed & Pest, 580.35. FICA & Medicare: First Dakota Bank, 2870.90. Retirement: SDRS, 2200.97. Insurance Reimbursement: 2045.92. Insurance: Medova Health Insurance, 1444.75. Adamson, Darlene 197.52; Albertson Engineering Inc, 423.49; Andera, Karen, 54.20; Aurora Brule Rural Water, 55.50; Brainard, Mary, 71.00; Brule County Co-op Assoication, 97.50; Burke Oil Company, 1518.99; Butler, Kim, 180.00; Byre Brothers Inc, 133.00; Capital Reporting Service, 496.10; Carson, Brad, 50.84; Central Dakota Times, 1639.45; Central Electric Company, 147.00; Chamberlain Building Supply, 55.00; Chamberlain Food Center, 58.82; Chamberlain Wholesale, 115.35; Cook-Huber, Kerri, 50.00; Ekstrum, Sheryn, 226.08; Elections Systems & Software, 1951.95; Environmental Systems, 550.00; Falor, Nancy, 216.84; Gerard, John, 66.80; Godtland, Paul, 325.05; Ground Effects, 250.00; Gray, Paula, 195.00; Headley, Joanne, 211.80; Heath, Luann, 188.40; Hickey Funeral Home, 960.00; Hieb, Judith, 54.20; Hope Psychological Services, 500.00; Hopkins, Penny, 203.40; Hopkins Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, 726.45; Juhnke, Doris, 195.00; Katterhagen, Mark, 15.00; Ketelhut, Nila, 223.98; Kimball City, 136.59; Konechne, Patricia, 222.72; Kott, Jeanne, 190.50; Kroupa, Marvin, 68.48; Leheska, Gail, 182.10; Lewis & Clark BHS, 320.00; Lewno, Lucy, 116.47; Lockwood, Darcy, 15.00; Lucille M. Halverson, 1597.89; Maule, Theresa, 1836.94; Microfilm Imaging Systems, 379.00; Midstate Communications, 847.60; Mitchell Regional 911 Center, 2073.60; Office Products Center, 102.98; Overweg, Delores, 216.42; Pennington County Jail, 481.85; Petty Cash, 167.58; Plank, Janet, 84.00; Reimer, Elaine, 32.00; Rural Office of Community Service, 1798.50; Sanford Health Network, 1237.61; Schelle, Teresa, 52.52; Schreiber Law Firm, 551.95; Schumacher Elevator Company, 189.16; Schumacher, Jahn, 68.48; Servall Uniform, 43.45; Shopko Stores, 10.99; SD Department of Revenue, 2125.00; Steve Smith Law Office, 584.80; Strand, Marcella, 277.74; Tech Solutions, 62.50; Town of Pukwana, 77.78; Van Dusseldorp, Candace, 196.80;Vanderpol, Glenda, 186.30; Vanderwerff, Jessica, 54.20; Variety Plus, 180.24; Verizon Wireless, 34.01; VISA, 2029.02; Walker, Cindy, 180.00; Walsh, Kriston, 77.72; Wells, Gladys, 209.28; West Group, 1968.52; Willrodt Motor Company, 280.01; Yankton County Sheriff Office, 50.00.


Salaries: 8732.32. FICA & Medicare: First Dakota Bank, 687.25. Retirement: SDRS, 523.95. Insurance Reimbursement: 255.74. Insurance: Medova Health Insurance, 174.86. A & R Truck Equipment Inc, 45.62; Brule County Co-op Association, 590.00; Burke Oil Company, 18026.22; Central Electric Cooperative, 76.00; Environmental Systems, 550.00; Harry K Chevrolet, 273.10; Kaleb’s Service, 227.18; Kimball City, 44.48; McLeod’s Printing, 344.94; Midstate Communications, 135.44; Petty Cash, 96.00; Titan Machinery, 1282.77; Verizon Wireless, 35.74; Visa, 181.10.

911 FUND

Century Link, 994.14; Lucille M. Halverson, 23.12; Midstate Communications, 229.70; Mitchell Regional 911 Dispatch Center, 13,270.23.

24/7 FUND

  1. 121.12. FICA & Medicare: First Dakota Bank, 9.00. Retirement: SDRS, 7.27. Insurance: Medova Health Insurance, 30.00. Petty Cash, 4.00.


Salaries: 539.70. FICA & Medicare: First Dakota Bank, 60.85. Retirement: SDRS, 32.38. Insurance Reimbursement: 255.74. Midstate Communications, 65.20.


Microfilm Imaging Systems, 230.00; SD Association of County Commissioners, 210.00.


Central Dakota Times, 104.80; VISA, 39.39.



Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Nesladek seconded to adjourn at 1:05 pm with the next meeting being held on 7-3-2018 at 9:30 am. All members voted aye. Motion carried.







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