June 16, 2020

The Board of Brule County Commissioners met in regular session at 9:30 a.m. at the Brule County Courthouse. Members present: Nesladek, Carson, Mairose, Dozark and Rasmussen. Also present: States Attorney Theresa Maule Rossow, Janet Petrak, Central Dakota Times and Rita Raish, Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun.


Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Dozark seconded to approve the minutes of 6-4-2020. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Mairose seconded to hire Donald Galpin at the Highway Department, $17.08 per hour (.50 less during probationary period) effective June 8, 2020. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


Trent Strand, Robert Westre, Ruth and Keith Lomica appeared before the Board to discuss the road conditions in Torrey Lake Township. Trent Strand stated that the roads are in terrible condition, with a lot of soft spots, need gravel and wanted to know when the Highway Department was going to get the roads fixed. The drainage in that area doesn’t seem to be working correctly as the water is not receding. Ruth and Keith Lomica advised that 264th Street has been under water since September 2019 and concerned for emergency vehicles access to the homes in the area. Highway Superintendent Mike Schlaffman advised that they are working on the roads trying to pull shoulders and crown some of these roads that are in bad condition, have R & J Gravel hauling gravel to different locations, but the work is slow and the recent 3” rain did not help improve anything. Schlaffman advised that he and his crew try to pull into an area and get one area fixed before moving to a different location, but when they are pulling shoulders for instance it takes 4 crew members to get one mile of road done in a days time. Schlaffman advised he understands that everyone has a bad road in their area, and he and the crew are out doing their best to get to that spot and repair it. The roads are firming up, but slowly.


Commissioner Rasmussen moved and Commissioner Carson seconded to approve the following resolution to delete Sunset Road from the Brule County Highway System and turn over to the City of Chamberlain.



WHEREAS, Brule County would like to modify its Highway System because a Sunset Road will be taken by the City of Chamberlain, SD and shall be within the City Limits; and

WHEREAS, the changes in Brule County’s Highway System are in accordance with the State of South Dakota Department of Transportations “Policy and Procedures for County Highway System Revisions” adopted 02-12-1992 and SDCL 31-12-2; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Brule Count Board of Commissioners that the following changes be made to the Brule County Highway System:


Dated at Chamberlain, Brule County, SD this 16th day of June, 2020. Signed by: Chairman James Nesladek. Attest: Pamela Petrak, Brule County Auditor. Ayes: 5, Nays: 0.


Director of Equalization Clint Soulek advised that the SD Legislature changed SDCL: 10-6-35.2 and a new Discretionary Resolution will need to be adopted if Brule County wants to continue the tax incentive tool for new construction. Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Mairose seconded to table the adoption of the Discretionary Resolution until more information could be obtained on the $ amount that could be utilized in the resolution. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Dozark seconded to approve the following abatement for 2019 pay 2020 taxes. Jim Wilkens, reduced property taxes on parcel #15-908-04-0102 due to the flooding of Red Lake. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


Commissioner Rasmussen moved and Commissioner Carson seconded to approve the following plat: A plat of Bairey Tract 1, a Subdivision of the SW 1/4 of Section 27 T102 N R 70 W of the 5th PM Brule County, SD. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


A list of individuals was presented to the Commissioners that have been turned over to a collection agency for Court Appointed Attorney bills and Poor Relief Claims. The Collection gency were cancelling some of the accounts due to the individual having no assets and/or had filed bankruptcy. Commissioner Rasmussen moved and Commissioner Carson seconded to delete the accounts as they cannot be collected once the individual files bankruptcy. The amount to be deleted is $11,556.79. ll members voted aye. Motion carried.


Commissioner Carson moved and Commissioner Mairose seconded to enter executive session at 10:37 am to discuss personnel and economic development. Executive session declared over at 11:17 am. No action taken.


  1. following reports were received and placed on file in the County Auditor’s office: SCWDD Agenda 6-9-2020/Minutes 5-12-2020; DENR; District III Zoom Meeting Invitation.


Commissioner Mairose moved and Commissioner Rasmussen seconded to approve the following payroll. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


Salaries: Commissioners, 1517.60; Auditor, 2985.89; Treasurer, 3171.48; States Attorney, 2603.72; Assessor, 2939.30; Planning Commission, 142.28; Register of Deeds, 2954.68; VA, 498.96; Sheriff, 9278.12; Jail, 7006.77; Courthouse, 1269.60; Coroner, 75.00. FICA & Medicare: First Dakota Bank, 2860.99. Retirement: SDRS, 2065.65. Insurance Reimbursement: 3275.84. Insurance: HMA Insurance: 3646.07. Academy Fire Department, 150.00; Adams Agency Inc, 37019.00; Adamson, Darlene, 200.04; Albers, Delane, 50.84; Alexander, Laura, 31.92; American Stamp & Marketing, 116.72; Andy’s Appliance, 434.39; Anson, Ashley 2857.40; Brodkorb, Gary, 82.76; Brown, Lola, 50.84; Burke Oil Company, 1371.14; Byre Brothers Inc, 144.00; Central Dakota Times, 586.76; Central Electric Cooperative, 153.00; Chamberlain Wholesale, 172.65; Ekstrum, Sheryn, 225.24; Ellis, Melody, 112.00; First Dakota Bank, 270.69; Gall’s Inc, 249.95; Gary’s Body Shop, 1081.00; Gray, Paula, 195.00; HBD, 117.65; Hallman, Dennis, 71.00; Hammell, Benjamin, 53.36; Headley, Joanne, 210.12; Heath, Luann, 211.80; Hein Law Office, 870.05; Hometown Handyman, 714.29; Hopkins, Penny, 210.12; Hosek, Bonnie, 54.20; ICS Jail Supplies Inc, 984.26; James Valley Nursery, 590.22; Jenner, Hailey, 45.00; Johnson, Pochop Law Office, 606.75; Juhnke, Doris, 180.00; Konechne, Kenneth, 73.52; Kott, Jeanne, 188.40; Leheska, Gail, 218.10; Lewis Drug Inc, 318.67; Lucille M. Halverson, 702.49; Mairose & Steele Professionals LLC, 1179.20; Maule, Theresa, 44.85; McLeod’s Printing, 239.90; Microfilm Imaging Systems, 404.00; Midstate Communications, 974.17; McManus, LaDonna, 210.12; Medicine Crow, Marlow Jr, 896.00; Meier, Karen, 79.40; Nepodol, Christine, 233.22; Office Products Center, 96.47; Ola Church, 150.00; Omnicell, 161.41; Overweg, Delores, 216.84; Pennington County Jail, 95.88; Petty Cash, 146.04; Reimer, Elaine, 222.30; Reliance Telephone Inc, 150.00; Richter, Brenna, 45.00; Sanderson, Christine, 195.00; Sanford Health Network, 96.00; Schreiber Law Firm, 1662.00; Schumacher Elevator Company, 201.77; Servall Uniform Company, 30.98; Solberg, Timothy, 55.04; SD Department of Revenue, 3198.04; Steckelberg, Lyndsie, 416.67; Steve Smith Law Office, 566.50; Strand, Marcella, 294.96; Swanson, Peggy, 215.16; Team Laboratory Chemical, 178.72; Town of Pukwana, 80.85; VISA, 966.84; Walker, Cindy, 195.00;Wermers, Dava, 942.70;West Group, 1979.69; Wiekamp, Craig, 45.00.


Salaries: 11,638.13. FICA & Medicare: First Dakota Bank, 896.14. Retirement: SDRS, 698.30. Insurance Reimbursement: 277.05. Insurance: HMA, 1950.00. A & G Diesel Inc, 1675.18; A & R Truck Inc, 358.04; Adams Agency, Inc, 22,732.00; Aurora Brule Rural Water, 38.25; Burke Oil Company, 14,720.00; Central Dakota Times, 42.90; Central Electric Cooperative, 156.00; Kaleb’s Service, 575.75; Kimball City, 45.24; Lucille M. Halverson, 120.00; Meyerink Farm Service, 65.95; Midstate Communications, 163.14; VISA, 992.31; WW Tire Service Inc, 2707.68;Wheelco, 262.30.

24/7 FUND

Salaries: 494.67. FICA & Medicare: First Dakota Bank, 39.54. Retirement: SDRS, 37.13. Insurance Reimbursement: 25.37. Insurance: HMA, 83.59. Attorney General’s Office, 603.00.

911 FUND

Central Dakota Times, 17.78; Century Link, 877.11; Lucille M. Halverson, 24.34; Midstate Communications, 255.97.


Salaries: 570.92. FICA & Medicare: First Dakota Bank, 64.87. Retirement: SDRS, 34.26. Insurance Reimbursement: 277. 05. Buffalo County Treasurer, 1113.45; Midstate Communications, 67.58.


Microfilm Imaging Systems, 235.00; SD Association of County Commissioners, 198.00.


Commissioner Rasmussen moved and Commissioner Mairose seconded to adjourn at 11:26 am with the next meeting being held on 7-7-2020 at 9:30 am. All members voted aye. Motion carried.


PAMELA PETRAK                    

JAMES NESLADEK                      



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