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WHEREAS, Brule County is dedicated to taking steps to protect the health and safety of all residents of the County and all property within the County, and

WHEREAS, vegetation has not greened up as of yet, indicating that the risk of a dangerous fire is very high; and

WHEREAS, the Brule County Commission has consulted with the Emergency Manager and the Highway Superintendent; and

WHEREAS, for purposes of this Resolution, “open burning” shall be defined as any outdoor fire, including but not limited to campfires, warming fires, charcoal grill fires, or the prescribed burning of fence rows, fields, wildlands, trash and debris. This resolution excludes fires contained within liquid-fueled or gas-fueled stoves, fireplaces within all buildings, charcoal grill fires at private residences, and permanent fire pits or fire grates located on supervised developed picnic grounds and campgrounds, and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Brule County Commission enact this resolution on an emergency basis and impose a ban to prohibit or restrict open burning in order to protect the public health and safety pursuant to South Dakota Codified Law 7-8-20(18); and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED that the ban will be in place until the danger of damage from fire lessens and the Commission takes action to remove the ban.

BE IT FURTER RESOLVED that the fine not to exceed five hundred dollars and/or 30 days in jail; suppression costs of extinguishing the fire, including response fees, mutual aid assistance from other agencies or fire departments, reimbursement to governments for suppression efforts and compensation to the firefighters for time lost from their employment.

Dated this 1st day of April, 2021.

ATTEST: Rich Rasmussen, Chairman
               Brule County Commission


         Pamela Petrak, Auditor
                 Brule County
, South Dakota

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